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The Ironclad Workshop™

The Ironclad Workshop™ [icon]

Make laser focus your superpower

Lack of focus is expensive and demoralizing

Your business is growing, but you know that with focus, you could multiply that growth. And at this stage, the stakes are increasing.

  • You are now spending meaningful money on marketing, people and product.
  • You wish you had crystal clarity around what to optimize these investments for.
  • You know you need to choose a focus, but there are many attractive possibilities, so focus remains elusive.
Lindsay at the whiteboard

Make laser focus your superpower

Imagine that you know the precise brand focus that will multiply your value. Rather than using brute force to grow, you have a North Star to grow with purpose and ease. When facing a decision, the on-brand answer is obvious.

  • Your people are empowered to grow the business without your active involvement, as everyone is using the company’s North Star for guidance.
  • You are building brand awareness around something ownable to you.
  • Your marketing dollars stretch far, as they express your singular, specific, differentiated promise.
  • You know precisely where to place your bets.

Pinpoint your optimal brand focus

The Ironclad Workshop™ teaches you how to identify the brand positioning that will unlock the most economic value for your business.

We’ve deconstructed brand strategy development to a process that pinpoints the most value-creating brand focus. Our method is a rigorous, step-by-step approach that anyone can use to define their optimal positioning.

In the Ironclad Workshop™, we teach you our method, and then we practice it together on your business’s brand. Leaders with and without marketing backgrounds leave emboldened to use brand focus as a growth lever.

Ironclad Method
Lindsay speaking

Nuts and bolts of the Ironclad Workshop™

The Workshop takes place over a half-day Zoom session with your key executives. We begin the Workshop with interactive training in our method’s principles and frameworks, building your brand fluency. This is a fun, thought-provoking dive into the “what, why and how” of brand strategy. Then, during a dynamic whiteboard session, we practice the method on your business’s brand.

Your takeaways will include:

  • A proven method for pinpointing your most value-creating brand positioning.
  • Brand confidence from the method’s scaffolding, and from the Workshop’s real-time practice session. (You are welcome to record your Workshop to further and share your learnings.)
  • Mindset for developing your brand with conviction.

Schedule a call to assess fit

Meet with Lindsay Pedersen to assess together whether the Workshop would be a good fit for your business.

Contact Lindsay
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Confident about our unique position.

This brand strategy helps us make better decisions. We are confident about our unique position in the market, and where we should therefore double down and invest.

Crowd Cow [logo]

Joe Heitzeberg Co-founder & CEO Crowd Cow

Supportive, collaborative, rigorous.

The structure of the Ironclad Method created this rich framework for us. Lindsay brings a supportive, collaborative style that – combined with the rigor of the method – allowed us to feel like the brand strategy was truly ours.

Leafly [logo]

Yoko Miyashita CEO Leafly

Best consulting dollars we have ever spent.

Going through the Ironclad Method has made me more confident as a leader. When talking about the direction of the company, whether it’s potential investors or members of my team, I have the words now to articulate a lot of what I felt. It’s very powerful and confidence inspiring to have the words to articulate it. The best consulting dollars we have ever spent.

The Guild [logo]

Brian Carrico Co-CEO The Guild Hotels

Amazing at this stuff.

This was such a great process. So glad we did this. It's helping us secure our foundation to spring forward. Lindsay is amazing at this stuff.

Tangelo [logo]

Mike Bourbonnais CEO Tangelo